Policy 💕


Orders will ship out after orders are finished processing. Processing is from the time our shipment comes in and for your order to be made. The original turn around time for orders are 5-7weeks but without any delays orders can ship out quicker than expected. (We only work on business days). After shipment, you will receive a tracking number within 24 business hours (depending on the day it was shipped, Or the next business day). Due to “COVID-19” shipping or tracking may delayed uncontrollably so we do apologize in advance for any delays! Once the package is out for delivery to you, it is OUT OF OUR HANDS. You will receive a tracking number for your package, but we will no longer be responsible for anything that has happened to your package after it’s been shipped. (Damaged, lost, stolen, etc.) If anything is to go wrong you are free to message us and we will give you all information to contact our local post office that your package was shipped from, but if it happened on our end then we will be more than welcome to fix the problem.
When ordering any orders placed must be used with your name & correct address.


ALL WIGS ARE FINAL SALE! Due to Covid we are not accepting any exchanges or refunds at the moment!
Refunds are ONLY provided when not receiving the hair that you ordered.
As stated above we will NOT refund you for anything that happens to your packages once it is out of our hands.
There are no changes to be made to an order after you place the order, UNLESS you purchased a custom color than we will accept changes to the color if it meets the guidelines and only within 4 hours of placement.
Returning packages. When returning items after approval. You will have to ship the package back out within 2 business days of receiving the package, and return it back to the shipping address on your package within a week. You will need to provide tracking to us, once we receive the item back, you will receive an email with your refund. When we cancel your order. Shipping is NON-REFUNDABLE do to us purchasing a non refundable label for your package.
*IF we receive ANY FRAUDULENT ORDERS, your order will be on hold and not shipped until you reply to us reaching out to you & provide us with the information needed!

*Any item returned must be in the same state it was purchased in*